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Sissy Fox

Lugano, Canton de Tessin


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Les titres de Sissy Fox dans le classement

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Constant = The Sun Is Ready
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Les titres de Sissy Fox qui ne sont pas dans le classement

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Constant = Young When The Rain Falls
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Sissy Fox and her crew are four super heroines in duncecaps. They are saving the world with raw electropop and intuition. Or at least they are giving the world a warm smile, while it keeps rotating through insignificance.

‹‹Skip the Universe›› is the name of the first album, which will be released in september 2015.


Spiritual leader and martial arts instructor: Satoshi Brown (drums)

Expert of cryptic codes and supercomputing: Miss Crystal Paxton (trombone)

Social psychological engineer: Professor Warwick Goostman (synths)

and last but not least, your Captain and person of trust: Miss Sissy Fox! (vocs)"

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