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Baden, Canton de Argovie


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Les titres de Pedestrians dans le classement

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Constant = Future Past Memories
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Les titres de Pedestrians qui ne sont pas dans le classement

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Constant = Belief
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Pedestrians are a Reggae/Ska/Pop band from Switzerland. Having won several local and national contests, including the biggest competition in Switzerland, they just released their new Single ''Belief'' which was produced in London in collaboration with the band Will and the People. Being aired by several private and the Swiss national Radio Pedestrians have played over 100 venues the past 3 years and hope to spread their music internationally. Pedestrians have been number 1

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Mike Bill (Vocals), Loic Bawidamann (Bass), Davis Knecht (Guitar), Raphael Erhardt (Piano & Sax), Sascha van den Berg (Drums)

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